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Copyright 2015 : Changing the rules for new times?

December 2, 2014 Media monitoring and analysis 0 Written by James O'Connor

As the European Commission announced plans to rewrite the 2011 directive on copyright, market participants (publishers, internet giants, intermediaries, authors …) met in Brussels on 20th November 2014 to discuss this controversial subject. Kantar Media participated in the event, organised by the European Voice newspaper, under the title: “Copyright 2015: changing the rules for new times?”

During the afternoon, discussions were held on how to adapt copyright to technological developments: “Faced with the exponential growth of digital content, creative industries are at a turning point where they must adapt and find new ways to generate revenues in this new environment. New technologies have made the global diffusion of and access to virtual content faster and easier but have also paved the way to high volumes of illegal sharing of copyrighted material […].

Defining common solutions is essential.  While today, works are protected by 28 national laws, when it comes to the internet, there are no boundaries. This naturally has consequences for competitiveness but also for the development potential of the digital economy.

In this context, Christophe Dickès from Kantar Media, on behalf of FIBEP and AMEC, the two international trade federations for media monitoring and analysis, intervened to highlight the complexity of international content management. This complexity affects not only media monitoring and analysis companies but their clients too. Consequently, a client of a media monitoring company, who wishes to respect copyright laws at a European level, can be faced with an obstacle course!

What’s more, the various content management approaches taken by different editors make modes of accessing content change from one country to the next, further highlighting the complexity. That’s not counting the cost of the rights of authors, which from one country to another can also vary from 1 to 100! Sometimes within the same territory, two or even three copyright management models compete at the expense of not just the media intelligence companies and their customers but the publishers themselves!

With this in mind, Kantar Media, with FIBEP and AMEC, called for the simplification of copyright management at a European level. While recognising the need for fair remuneration of publishers, FIBEP and AMEC requested greater flexibility in the use of the content and the creation of a fair market for all stakeholders.

For more information, please contact:

Christophe Dickès

Kantar Media – Paris (France)



FIBEP Florian Laszlo – Vienna (Osterreich)



AMEC: Barry Leggetter – London (UK)



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