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January 28, 2016 Public relation 0 Written by James O'Connor


The time of resolutions and goal-settings is upon us! To help you see the whole picture, we have gathered some PR tips that should keep you going through January and beyond! Let us know what you think. We’re all going to have some fun in 2016! 1. I’LL CREATE SCALING HIGH QUALITY CONTENT With the epidemic …


Mindset Shifts for Media Monitoring

January 26, 2016 0

Both the media landscape and media monitoring have changed significantly in recent years. There is now more information available than ever for companies to monitor, so today’s media monitoring is much, much more than just clip counts… Media monitoring data can also be applied in different ways: for example, to identify the potential scope of …

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Kantar Media Christmas Event

November 23, 2015 0

Air time at board level? – Communications is always on the agenda when KPIs link to business objectives Gaining board level airtime can be a challenge in any organisation. With 2016 strategies being finalised, Kantar Media would like to invite you to our annual Christmas event. Join us for some mulled wine and mince pies as …

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10 ways to benefit from Social Media Command Centres

November 19, 2015 2

Walking around a trade show or in the entrance of a big office, you may have seen large walls of social feeds – sparkling screens with some nice data visualisation and amazing interactive social media displays. Very impressive. You may have also wondered what the purpose was, and you’d be right: sometimes they are just deliberately designed to impress. Today’s …

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October 28, 2015 0

For years, brands have been using social media, PR and other marketing disciplines in isolated silos. Nowadays, buyer’s and stakeholder’s journeys are powered by so many sources, devices and mediums that it’s become difficult to really engage with them in this way. But there’s good news. Social media is becoming more and more integrated to …

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Super Sunday Preview

Super Sunday – Ireland Called

October 12, 2015 0

During October 11th, or Super Sunday as it was known amongst sports fans throughout Ireland, Irish people tweeted the official hashtags for the Ireland v France rugby match a total of 20,478 times. Football fans generated 4,351 tweets using the official hashtags for the Poland V Ireland game. This was a stark contrast to the …

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A look at the past, present and future of social media monitoring

June 23, 2015 0

Just consider how the meaning of ‘monitoring social media’ has evolved from an optional to a critical aspect for many businesses. The approaches to social monitoring have changed, and businesses must adapt. Key social, cultural and technological shifts have impacted the media sector. Are you keeping up with the changes? In the past, social media was considered as …

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Social media monitoring & analysis : a step-by-step guide

May 29, 2015 1

Over the past few years, social media has experienced continued growth and as a result has become one of, if not the main channel for brands to be heard. With so many platforms available for brands to choose from, from Facebook and Twitter to a multitude of new niche social platforms, the business potential within social media has become obvious …

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Youtube Vs Facebook

April 23, 2015 0

Online video is on the rise – it’s estimated that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all online traffic.  Most importantly, original video content provides great returns – 71% of marketers who created video said that it outperformed other content in terms of conversion. Video has never been easier to create – a …

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